Inside Patio and Fountain

Inside Patio and Fountain

Here’s an interesting idea, cover the patio with transparent laminas plus a pergola framework where one can hang the Colas de Quetzal (nephorlepsis spp.), helechos (ferns) and put other plants in pots around the fountain and one can enjoy of the patio year round, including during the rainy season. 🙂

How you like that?

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  • Eric

    I like it ! I like it ! When I grow up, I want to have a patio just like it in my house. When I grow up, that is…. 😉

  • It looks great, but I prefer the open patio feel.

  • Anne Groombridge

    Great idea Rudy! It looks wonderful in your photo, and it also seems quite easy to achieve. I will try it out in the small patio that is a part of my apartment here in Antigua. Maybe I will be able to use that space instead of just looking at the rain falling on it!

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