Recycling Bins in Finca Filadelfia

Recycling Bins in Finca Filadelfia

Slowly but surely recycling is becoming a reality in Antigua Guatemala.

Can anybody explain me what is the Guatemalan fascination with toneles (barrels)?

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  • Manolo

    Maybe it is a secondary primal reflex that reminds us where water used to come (still comes?) from.

  • Cristina

    We´re fascinated by anything that can be recycled. OK, so maybe we don´t sort our trash. But by the time a plastic bag makes it to the trash, it´s probably been used to hold a bunch of things different from the original use. Same story with old newspapers, any plastic container, powdered milk cans, TONELES of course, and clothes (how do you explain the popularity of the pre-approved clothing you get at the Pacas?).

  • I like the rhythm of color you framed. I was curious why the “vidrio verde” sign is in beige and the “vidrio cafe” is in green? Seems backwards to me.