Guatemalan Beers: Cabro and Moza

Guatemalan Beers: Cabro and Moza

If I had a penny for each time a Moza beer has been shown in the over 1,555 pages of AntiguaDailyPhoto? Moza has a way of showing up always in the background along some succulent dish like Jocón or Ceviche. If your only contact with Guatemala was AntiguaDailyPhoto, you would certainly arrive at the conclusion that Moza is the beer the most people drink in Guatemala; if someone uttered the word Gallo, you would go huh? What are there any other Guatemala beers? Well, believe it or not, there are other Guatemalan beers; heck here’s Cabro.

You have heard of world famous Cabro beer before, right?

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  • Manolo

    Well, if the only reference would be my mom it would be Monte Carlo. I don’t even know who started the Moza thing, although it was the only beer I have ever missed from Guate.

  • Cristina

    Cabro is made in Xela and is sold only in select locations in Antigua, Panajachel and, of course, Xela; maybe a few, but very few places in Guate city.
    There´s something about the water in Xela that gives Cabro a different flavor (I´m quoting someone who works at the brewery).

  • Erick

    I always thought Gallo was the most popular beer in Guate; that seemed to be the case when I was a kid (todos los bolitos andaban con su litro de Gallo o su “Venado”).

    Is Cabro superior in taste to Gallo (or any other Guatemalan beers)? I know that taste is subjective, but I had Gallo a few months back and I was not exactly impressed by it.

  • Carlos GR

    Still haven’t had a chance to try Moza. Is it anywhere in the USA? I live in L.A. where you might think we have it, but haven’t seen it yet.

    Some great pics of the beer museum in Guate:

  • norm kwallek

    Moza is pretty darn good beer, I would compare it to Amber Bock in quality and taste. The Cabro is good to but I would buy and drink Moza first if I had a choice. The Gallo is a weak watered down beer that I drink only when I have nothing else, my take on Gallo is that it is better than water but not much.

    • Erick

      Thanks Norm, I appreciate the reply. Cheers!

  • Eric

    I must confess, when I find Moza, I forsake the other choices (including water). Haven’t tasted Cabro yet…maybe if I can find one before my eyes spy that familiar M-O-Z-A, I will get to sample one!