Guatemalan Weekend Tamal Breakfast

Guatemalan Weekend Tamal Breakfast

Here’s what a typical Sunday morning Guatemalan breakfast may look like. I say Sunday morning breakfast because normally one can only find tamales on Saturday night or Sunday morning. Guatemalan tamales are normally served along with pan francés (French rolls [how to say pan francés in English?]) and a cup of hot coffee or chocolate.

When was the last time you had a breakfast like the above?

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  • Darrin Brown

    Looks sooo GOOD!

  • Erick

    A few more seconds of staring at that tamal and I’d be chewing on my monitor.

  • HEG

    Yesterday… There is a little “tienda” en Miami that sells pretty good tamales, they also have guatemalan bread and other tipical food like Pepian and caldo de gallina….

  • sjbj

    “French rolls” or “French bread” are correct. YUMMMM

  • Eric

    When my lovely guatemalteca friend made it for me…but enough about her, where do we find this particular delicious-looking breakfast in La Antigua, Rudy?

  • Cristina

    Sorry to butt in, but this is not a tamal. As a self respecting Xelateca, I have to tell you, it´s a pache de papa, con su respectivo chile serrano para que pique.
    If you check the red lights on certain doors (Rudy already explained this), you´ll see that paches and tamales are sold on Thursdays and Saturdays.
    What I still don´t get is, why do we have a cup of chocolate with a pache??? And pan de yemas, to boot?? Does anyone have any idea how much fat there is on a menu like that? Enough to make a Big Mac meal blush! Or at the very least, enough to give you heartburn!

    • Erick

      @Cristina – paches are awesome as well, but aren’t they typically a bit more solid than the one shown in the picture above? I’ll take the heartburn and calories that come from that meal! I rarely get to feast on that kind of food, so hey, you have to take advantage when available. But you’re right, I wouldn’t make it part of my daily meals.

    • @Cristina, I am sorry for the confusion, but this is really a tamal with chile jalapeño. Nowadays we can order tamales with chile and “sin picar” ;-). Paches actually have a chile largo, I think, at least the ones we can get in La Antigua Guatemala. I hear you when you talk about the calorie intake of one or two tamales with bread and hot chocolate; surely enough calories for a day or two.

  • Franklin

    HEG, where is that little “tienda” in Miami, I’m dying for some good Guatemalan food. I live across the alley in Naples.

  • tamales on Saturday recurdan me to my grandparents, I remember fondly those nights, Sunday morning at breakfast tamales that was on the night before.
    desert I have no time to enjoy a tamale.

  • Lisbeth Lopez Little

    Mom, my sis and I make them for xmas. We spend days making the masa, the fillings, the leaves and then make an assembly line out of our dining room table. Takes a lot of work to make these. I am in awe of the women who make them every weekend back home. Sadly we didn’t make them this xmas but man do I want one. There is a guatemalan panaderia y restaurante in Trenton, NJ. I wonder if they make them? Hmm. Might be making a trip soon. But really nothing can be as goos as eating our cuisine back home.

  • Elizabeth S.

    Ah! I had this for breakfast yesterday morning, at Quinta de las Flores. Alas, this morning in Wisconsin I ate the food of mere mortals.

    (I would call the Guatemalan pan francais ‘french bread’. If if the bread were separated into individual rolls, they would simply be ‘rolls’)

  • lo siento, pero contar calorías en un tamal…jajaja, me hace pensar en gente bastante rara, es como contar calorías en un pastel de boda, no es algo para todos los días (mucha gente come en mc donalds tooodos los días) además, tiene menos calorías que un paquete de 4 galletsa oreo (si no te comes el pan) el envase es 100% biodegradable, el de la foto tiene más o menos 250 calorías, menos que un mc muffin de salchicha y huevo.

  • I’m sorry as a TRUE chapina that’s NOT a tamal that looks like a pache and it actually looks like a soggy pache that had water leaked in, also tamales don’t usually have a green pepper even if you order it hot, that’s a pretty weak preparation for a “hot” tamal. If that’s a tamal my gringo friends you’re getting them at the wrong spot. Yes, I was raised in NYC and I am proud to say I know how to make tamales and paches, (was shipped to Guate every summer as a child and teen) so my mom made sure I knew how to prepare one. However, due to the red tint in the pic or if a warming filter was used then that could be what’s making this “tamal” look like a pache, in that case I’d be wrong 😉

    On a side note, this picture just made my mouth water, aghhhh!

  • Erick

    Rudy, they called you a Gringo….cuidadito!

    Let’s just call it a “tapache” and be done with it! 😉

  • HEG

    Hey Frank
    Actually, it is a panaderia… Tikal Bakery and it’s around 12th ST and 1st AV NW Miami like 2 miles from Downtown Miami. If you google them you’ll find some info about it.