The Titanic Sushi Sampler

Titanic Sushi Sampler

In my never-ending quest to bring you the cosmopolitan dining options available in La Antigua Guatemala. Ubi’s Sushi, managed by chef Jeremías, is the new sushi venue in Antigua Guatemala. I have tweeted a few photos from Ubi’s Sushi, including their delicious ceviche.

Also, like all the new places I am profiling here, I also created a Foursquare venue so that the address, phone number and map is available to you in case you want to check it out for yourself [without inviting me 🙁 ].

If you’re vegetarian or would like to try some tasty vegetarian dishes, Ubi’s Sushi is the place to go; try their miso soup and a vegetarian roll.

On the other hand, if you just want to try a few different options of sushi, sashimi, jemaki, etc., try their Titanic Mix, which is good enough for two people.

Bon appetite my friends!

Titanic Sushi Sampler front view

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  • Luis

    Rudy, I cannot wait for August to come soon enough so I can try all those eating places you have been introducing to your readers.

    Those California Rolls look delicious.

    • @Luis, I will be my pleasure to accompany you there, in case you need “un informante nativo” for “un paseo en primavera” 😉

  • Erick

    That’s a mouthful of deliciousness!

    @Rudy: How much does that sampler cost (in quetzales)?

    • @Erick, the Titanic Sushi Mix will set you back Q150/$18.75 at Ubi’s Sushi.

  • Manolo

    It seems that Guatemala, or at least LAG is finally getting to know real sushi and not cream-cheese rolls :-p You should get discount coupons for the free advertising and then invite us over when we visit 😉
    site sidenote: I noticed the “social bar” (no pun intended) disappeared, I don’t miss it, just sayin’ I noticed. Also, I think Chrome doesn’t like the facebook connect thing. I keep reloading the page to avoid entering my email address (not that you don’t know it already), without success. Salu’

  • @Manolo, yes, we are not in Kansas anymore. I still have “social bar”, I just don’t have enabled. When the website went down two weeks ago, I took off a lot of the fat to improve the speed and minimize the resources. I found another “social bar” which is lighter and goes on top and only appears when you scroll down a certain point. I might try that one, but I will play with it as soon as I find some time. Thanks for letting me know those things; you’re such a good friend.

    Yeah, I am with you regarding the coupons or discounts. I just wish the restaurants could appreciate these reviews and not make pay for the food and drinks. 🙁

  • Cristina

    Ah pues si Rudy! Ud vaya y pida su descuento por los tremendos anuncios que les hace. Solo la fotografía, cuanto les costaría?
    I don´t even like sushi that much and I´m drooling!

  • Crystal

    Hey Rudy, I am in Antigua for 3 months and with definitely try out the sushi at some point. I love your blog, keep up the good work!

    • @Crystal, good to hear you love the AntiguaDailyPhoto. Make sure you tell you learned about them in AntiguaDailyPhoto. Let’s know how you like the food.

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