Typical Lunch from Travel Menu

Typical Lunch from Travel Menu

Ah hah, I am very close to discover exactly what turns any meal into a typical Guatemalan dish. I believe that you can have a series of ingredients that can be group together like longaniza (white sausage), chorizo (red sausage), salchichas (wiener sausage, like in hot dogs), carne asada (charchoal-grilled beef steak), chicken, guacamol, chirmol, rice, salad, cheese, tortillas, bread, vegetables, etc., but you can’t call it typical until you also put black beans and fried plantain slices; only then you can call it a typical Guatemalan dish. 😉

Wha do you guys think? Am I right or I don’t know what I’m talking about?

The typical lunch above is from Travel Menu, a tiny diner, which has a small menu with very good food which can be prepared with chicken, beef or tofu. Travel Menu was the first place my wife and I ate when we moved to La Antigua Guatemala in 2002 and still among our favorites. Travel Menu is a good choice if you’re vegetarian and one of the few places where you can eat tofu.

As always, if you click on the links for Travel Menu, you will be taken to the Foursquare entry I created for you with address, phone number and map.

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  • sheila

    OMG! i want that now, que rico.

  • rob

    Oh wow, this looks fabulous!

  • Erick

    I agree, sin los frijoles y platanos, this couldn’t be called “plato tipico”. That dish looks so good; quite a hearty meal too.

  • Luis

    Thank you Rudy for all your food recommendations. In exactly 24 days I’ll be there to taste all the wonderful food available in La Antigua Guatemala. I don’t think that the 32 days I will stay in LAG will be enough to enjoy all the culinary offerings. I am lucky that Travel Menu is only four blocks from my house.

    • @Luis, you should be already in a diet, once you come to LAG you will gain the weight back if you want to eat everything in only 24 days. 😉

      • Luis

        @Rudy, thank you for the advice but instead of dieting I have extended my stay in LAG to 32 days so I have enough time to eat everything the colonial city has to offer.

        • @Luis, oops, I meant 32 days will not be enough time. 🙁

  • Wow..as a native Guatemalan, I must admit, this made my mouth water. All I would add to this meal is some crema fresca and queso seco, then it would be complete for me.

  • dg

    The nplate looks outrageously delicious; however, i would be upset with platanos on my plate. In Guatemala City, we don’t eat platanos with churrasco. We might have them for dessert with crema and sugar.

  • Cristina

    Bueno, y las tortillas?????
    I´m sorry, but the nachos just don´t cut it!

  • Antonio

    as for guatemalan tipical dish, i am not sure, but for Rudi´s lunch it must have an I Phone whit internet conection as side dish to be tipical of him

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