Art at Casa Santo Domingo

Art at Casa Santo Domingo

Hotel + Museo Casa Santo Domingo takes very seriously the museo, museum, part of its name. Not only there are several museums and galleries inside the Casa Santo Domingo complex, but you can find art pieces all over the corridors, gardens, open spaces and of course inside the hotel walls. I believe that it is important to highlight that all the art adorning the walls and hallways is from Guatemalan artists.

Have you visited or stayed at Casa Santo Domingo?

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  • Eric

    Haven’t stayed there yet, but it sure sounds (and looks) interesting. I spent too much time strolling through las ruinas y el mercado on this last visit to explore the coffee fincas or museums like this. But it makes a good reason for another visit !

  • Luis

    I have not visited Casa Santo Domingo. This is another place for me to visit en my upcoming trip to La Antigua Guatemala (in two more weeks).
    Thank you Rudy for all your suggestions.

  • Cristina

    Tee-hee! the last time I was in Casa Santo Domingo, I was crashing a wedding, in extremely elegant garb, of course. Colada, pero es que me invitó la amiga de una amiga que sí estaba invitada.
    Funny how just being in a place like this makes you feel like royalty.