Guatemalan Cuisine: piloyada antigüeña

Guatemalan Cuisine: piloyada antigüeña

The Piloyada Antigüeña is one of the most classic dishes from La Antigua Guatemala. Piloyada antigüeña takes its name from the piloy bean. Piloyada antigüeña is basically a bean salad with pork, Guatemalan white sausage, Frankfurt links, ham, salami, fresh cheese, bell peppers, cilantro, tomato, hard-boiled egg slices and onions.

If you beg really loud, perhaps Erin or someone else will share the recipe with us, anyone, anyone?

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  • Beva

    I found Frijol Piloy, Red Beans, in the Food 4 Less Market in Long Beach, CA. I think it is on Redondo. They were so beautiful I couldn’t resist buying them. I cooked them over a low heat for over 12 hours and they still weren’t tender. Maybe I got an older, extra dry version.