Brand New 200 Quetzals Bill is Already Circulating

Brand New 200 Quetzals Bill by Rudy Girón

Today while doing some banking mandados, errands, out of curiosity I ask if they already had the brand new Q200 bill (200 quetzals is about US$25). The bank teller told they only had one to show people what the new bill look like and asked me if I would like to see it? Sure, I replied. The bill was handed to me and no sooner I was taking a picture with the iPhone for my new blog Diarios del Móvil (mobile phone diaries); a repository for the instant polaroids I am capturing with my mobile phone camera. I had time to take two shots when the teller asked if I wanted to take the brand new Q200 bill with me? Sure, why not I uttered.

That’s how I became one of the first people in La Antigua Guatemala to have a Q200 bill. What’s the big deal I hear you say. Well, for starters, this is the first time Guatemala puts a bill over Q100 in circulation; first time ever!

Beginning on Monday 23, 2010 the National Bank of Guatemala (Banguat) introduced a new Q200 bill into circulation. As far as I know, this is the first time that 200 quetzales bill will circulate in Guatemala. Below you click on the thumbnails to see the front and back of the new bill. Further down is a short video clip in Spanish which summarizes the features and details of the new Q200 bank note. There’s also a PDF file with an extensive review of the billete de Q200 [4.9MB PDF download].

Front view Q200 bill Back view Q200 bill

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