Guatemalan Cuisine: Patitas a la vinagreta

Guatemalan Cuisine: Patitas a la vinagreta by Rudy Girón

I have to admit not all Guatemalan dishes have good aspect. Two such dishes come to mind right away: Mole and Patitas a la vinagreta (Pickled muscles and lower legs). Then again, the actual McDonald’s hamburger does not have good aspect either [see photos of food for a dollar]. However, Guatemalan meals with poor aspect make it up in flavor. How can you go wrong with fried plantains covered with chocolate-based sauce dessert. Same for the patitas envinagradas. Sadly, I don’t know how to prepare patitas a la vinagreta. Can anybody help with a recipe or preparation tips?

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  • Mia

    Y la receta???

  • Recipe of patitas a la vinagreta:

    1 big carrot
    3 o 4 onions
    laurel (bay leaves)
    pepper powder
    green beans
    vegetable oil
    4 pig´s feet
    sweet chili pepper
    1 Jalapeño (chili) only 4 the taste don´t for itch
    1 Garlic
    chicken bouillon (consome) or two cubes of bouillon
    1 little cabbage 

    cut the carrot on slices and into sticks
    cut the onions in wedges
    cut the green beans into sticks
    cut the sweet chili pepper into sticks too
    cut the cauliflower on little pieces
    cut the cabbage into little sticks like they are witch hair

    cut the pig´s feet in half along and put it to boil with salt, the garlic, the chicken bouillon or consome and the jalapeño with a lot of water. When the feet are tender and  can easily put a fork, take the patitas and cut it in little pieces, Reserve the water and  put the cauliflower, carrots and green beans to cook, after that take it out of water and reserve the water again to put the  cabagge on it and take it fast,  need not be quite cooked.
    When everything is cooked removed the garlic and the jalapeño and throw it or save to another meal.

    Stir everything else and saute a little oil, add thyme and bay leaves and remove from heat. Then add a little vinegar to taste, let cool and serve.

    Excuse me for the gramatical errors or writing in english but isnt my first language. XD