The Mayor’s Office at City Hall

The Mayor's Office at City Hall  by Rudy Girón

For those who have never visited the Mayor’s office at City Hall, this is what it looks like. It may also come as a surprise that for most Guatemalans, City Halls are the only place where they can exercise Realpolitik. Anything else above the municipal level is mostly vaporware. 🙁

What’s the highest level in politics at which you feel can have a say or make a difference?

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  • Stephanie

    In the USA there are three major levels of government: municipal/county, state, and federal. I think it’s easiest for a citizen to have influence at the municipal/county level because so few people pay attention to it — which is too bad because that is where local schools are governed and they have much influence on our communities. There’s decent influence at the state level, which is important because they probably have the most influence one citizens’ day-to-day lives. Most citizens focus on the federal level. They certainly impact many things, but it’s at a macro level and I think it is very hard to influence. Yet that does not stop me from writing letters and making my voice heard.