New Illumination for Palacio de Los Capitanes

New Illumination for Palacio de Los Capitanes

New Lighting for Palacio de Los CapitanesAbout a month ago I shared with you photos of the new look of Palacio de Los Capitanes as well background information regarding the renovation. I mentioned that after two and half years and Q16 millions/$2 millions spent in renovations Palacio de Los Capitanes has finally opened again. The new façade is painted with yellow and white paint.

Here’s a follow up photo which shows the new spot lights which make Palacio de Los Capitanes the most visible building in La Antigua Guatemala at night. Honestly, you have to see it for yourself; it’s wonderful!

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  • Eric

    Wow, the Plaza Mayor must look like an ongoing fiesta at night, with all the dramatic lighting. This building always reminds me of the scene from ‘Enamorada’, when Pedro Armendariz’s “el General”,on horseback,is following Maria Felix as “Beatriz”, trying to impress her. Memories of another time and place that I never visited, transported to the present, hmmmm. Amazing what happens in the Vortex of LAG, no ?
    Thanks for the updates and the awesome photos, Rudy. I can’t wait to see this in person…hopefully, soon!

  • So grand!
    How old is this palace?

  • -k-

    Beautiful building.

  • It is just amazing!!! I’ve been there, but without my camera… Cooooool!!! 🙂

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  • Contentomintos

    Wonderful night photo Rudy! Such a grand building! It’s hard to believe there was 5 tons of weight removed from this building. When we were there in 2009, I took several photos from the top balcony of the  activities around the plaza.