Dancing to Street Music in Antigua Guatemala

Dancing to the street music by Pinar Istek

Street music calls for everyone. It is not privileged or costly. Any passers-by is invited to enjoy it fully. So these two persons response was to dance to it.

text and photo by Pinar Istek

© 2011 – 2016, Pinar Istek. All rights reserved.

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  • Cristina

    You captured a pretty much once in a lifetime shot! Even though there´s all kinds of saints´ fiestas celebrated throughout Guatemala, people just stand around and listen to the musicians play. Very rarely have I ever seen anyone dancing on the street, and when I have, it´s usually a foreigner or a very drunk Guatemalan.
    As always, you´ve done a great job of capturing a unique moment. Have a great trip and please stay in touch!

    • HI Cristina,

      I just got to El Salvador. Definitely we will stay in touch! And I agree on your comment about our dancers.

  • Eric

    @Cristina y Pinar-estoy de acuerdo, completamente, pero necesito decir…if you ask one of las ancianas to dance, and you’re NOT drunk, sometimes they not only say ‘yes’,they won’t let you stop! My last visit resulted in a few ‘experienced’ ladies showing me how to move on the dance floor. I’m hoping one of them has a single daughter, ’bout my age… ;D
    Awesome ‘moment in time’ shot, Pinar. Bien hecho!

    • @Eric, it sounds like a fun experience 🙂

  • Hi Pinar,

    It’s so great to read your posts here too!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!!