Marching Home

Marching Home

A couple of days ago there was another manifestation. I didn’t get a chance to learn what they were manifesting about, but I was able to take a picture as they were marching home.

Do you believe in the power of manifestations or do you think that’s the remains from another era?

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  • JMerrick

    Perhaps your question would be best directed at the average Egyptian or Tunisian….

    • @JMerrick, yes I know, I hope you know I was being sarcastic/ironic. Certain people in Guatemala always look down on manifestations and they feel bothered by them. 🙁

  • sjbj

    seemed to work pretty well in Egypt, at least so far!

    • @sjbj, in 1944 in Guatemala a series of manifestation brought down the dictator Jorge Ubico. So, even in Guatemala there is evidence of their effectiveness.

  • Franklin

    I believe as much as the egyptian people do.

  • norm kwallek

    I know the political class hate them if they are not running them.

    • @norm, that’s exactly what I was saying in a previous comment.

  • Eric

    I think they are important, if for no other reason than an expression of solitude among those participating. One of the unfortunate side-effects of oppression is a sense of isolation, of “What can I do, it’s only me.” Creo que manifestaciones son grandes oportunidades para compartir sentimientos, y para iniciar dialogo. And once people start talking, governments : beware !

    • @Eric, el pueblo unido, jamas será vencido, el pueblo unido, jamas será vencido…

      • Eric

        Ah, mi amigo, es una frase que yo usaba en el pasado, y no dudo que voy a gritarlo de nuevo.
        Something’s going on in the world today, de Egipto hasta…..Wisconsin? Increible !

  • Luis Mollinedo

    Manifestations have usually resulted not in fundamental social change but “only” in the rise of a New Ruling Class ( in this case: Union Ledership/administrative bourgeoisied) while the better world for the oppresed (Market vendors/ vendedores del mercado) is in the DISTANCE AND UNCERTAIN.

    • @Luis, what about the Guatemalan revolution of 1944? I believe it started with a couple of humble manifestations, right?

  • antonio palomo

    the manifestacion was to protest for the work being done in the marquet area, essencially, pavement with the traditional coblestone. while manifestaciones do have a romantic and fullpride sense sometimes, not all of them are the same or legitimate. the people on the one in discucion were transported from another town, tha few ones from the market, were told that they were going to be moved out by the city goverment. in the bottom, the real couse was that the organisadores, charge to all demostrators a fee to represent them and to hire lawyers!!!! so this demostration meant some Q10,000 for the pocket of someone and some political weigth, for sale to some political party.
    no romantic issues here