Where’s The Clock?

Where's The Clock? by Rudy Girón

No worries, the clock has not been stolen. The clock was removed for a routine maintenance. By the way, I heard in one of the weekly talks by Elizabeth Bell from Antigua Tours at El Sitio that
access the actual arch is guarded by the owner of the Hotel El Claustro [Cloister] and nobody is allowed up there except for the people who service the clock.

I wonder if I could manage through my social engineering skill to get access to the world-famous Arco de Santa Catalina, what you think?

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  • Give it a try, Rudy! With your credentials, you might be able to pull it off. Seeing how often the arch is photographed from the outside, it sure would be awesome to see photos from the inside.

  • Eric

    I must say, from the first time I heard the story about the reason for the arch across the street, I’ve been fascinated by the thought of “What does it look like up there?” Go for it, Rudy, and if you get permission, we will expect fotos….LOTS of fotos !