Antigua Guatemala Fire Department’s Tuk Tuk Unit

Unidad Tuctuc de los Bomberos Voluntarios de La Antigua by Rudy Girón

I don’t recall exactly when tuk tuk motorcycles arrived in Guatemala, but they were absorbed as part of the Guatemalan traditions and culture very quickly. Tuk tuk motorcycles became very popular in a short time and before you knew it, tuk tuk bikes were used as quick and inexpensive taxis, by the Tourist police, and grocery delivery vehicles. Tuk tuk motorcycles even showed up in the handicrafts market as toys, along the chicken buses. So, it is not surprising at all to find tuk tuk motorcycles as part of the vehicles of the Voluntary Fire Department of Antigua Guatemala.

What other unexpected uses for tuk tuk motorcycles have you found in your travels?

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  • The first ‘outbreak’ was in 2005…red ones rather like this.

  • Hughstacey

    These are really cute; though if I was in a fire, I might be worried if the Fire Dept. would get to me on time and if they got there, what sort of equipment they would be carrying to deal with the emergency!

    But more seriously, I’m sure they have a specific use; what is it?

  • Erick!

    That’s pretty cool, I did not realize that the fire department in Antigua had tuk tuks! I assume they’re being used for non-complicated emergencies?

    I like how it even seems to have a siren, but I wonder if other drivers take them seriously and get out of the way when the siren is on?

  • Yogesa

    We have plenty of them here in India, but never saw one working for the fire Dept ! Thanks for the picture.

  • Arturo Godoy

    Wow!!! I just hope they are not driving like crazy as the regular tuk-tuk drivers 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I haven’t seen the firefighter tuk-tuk driving around Antigua yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they adopted the general tuk-tuk driving style. After all, that little red light on top gives them permission to do just that, doesn’t it? 🙂

  • Eric

    This looks like a great use of tuk-tuks for a community on a budget, to transport personnel and light equipment. Haven’t seen any unusual uses, but have seen some phenomenal people-stuffing exercises. I rode in one with four adults and two children once, an adventuresome trip down a curvy road at top speed. Second-best thrill ride in La Antigua !

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