Original Street Names Signs

Calle de la Sangre de Cristo Sign by  Rudy Girón

I can’t believe how slow I am and how little attention I pay to the details that come my way everyday. Can you believe that there are already 1,793 pages in AntiguaDailyPhoto and not once I have shown the original street names signs. I mean I don’t know how I could I missed something as omnipresent at the original street name signs?

Okay, now can you tell me what’s the present day street or avenue that before was called Calle de la Sangre de Cristo?

I will send an actual real-paper post card from La Antigua Guatemala using the regular snail-mail postal service with stamps and all to the first person that comes up with the correct answer. Good luck to all you the participants!

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  • Calle de la Sangre de Christo would be present day 6a Calle. I assume, but have no way of knowing this evening, that it includes both the Poniente and the Oriente sections. You can send my real paper post card from La Antigua Guatemala to me at the following address: Development Director, Asociación Transciones, Colonia Candelaria, Casa #80 , La Antigua, Guatemala or, better yet, save the postage and hand deliver your postcard and we’ll tell you about the neat things happening in La Antigua and throughout Guatemala due to the efforts of Asociación Transiciones.

    • Santiago

      Yes, is now 6a Calle.I agree, not sure included Poniente and Oriente. Many Calles changed names east of 4a Ave.

      • @Santiago, I guess the original names of the streets is more widely known that I thought. I am awed.

    • Wow, I am impressed how quickly the correct answer was given by comments and emails. I will stop by to give you the post card, but please, let me know who should I ask for?

      • Buzz


        Come to Ochenta (name of our office building), the home of Asociacion Transiciones. Ask for Don Buzzingham. Also, ask about photo opportunities, for we have many.

  • sjbj

    6a Calle, Poniente

    • @sjbj, correct the answer is 6a calle poniente. Remember guys that Spanish grammar dictates that generic streets, avenues and plazas are not capitalized like in English.