Separation of Church and State In Antigua Guatemala

Separation of Church and State In Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Girón

For those who don’t know, the building that appears in the photo is La Antigua Guatemala Municipal government building, simply known as La Muni. The altar shown in the foreground was installed for the commencement of the Lent season. So, there’s your answer about any real separation between Church and State in La Antigua Guatemala.

What are your thoughts regarding the separation of Church and State?

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  • El Canche

    Under the ancient Hebraic system, it was impossible to separate God and Law. One came from the other and you could not teach Law without teaching about God. Rulers carried out their decisions “mindful of” and before God (at least they were supposed to!). Maybe an altar at the Muni will just cause those in power to ask themselves what God might want of them?

    Would it be so bad if our Rulers today were mindful of God’s heart as they legislate and act? Do any of them do this? “You will know them by their fruits”!

    • Luismollinedo

      Good point!! In Guatemala there is not, the radical point of view, of separation of church and state as other countries.

      “When the axe came into the forest, the trees said: The handle is one of us” (Turkish Proverb)

  • Manolo

    About the title: Non-existent. About the issue: whose god should they be listening to? If you are elected you must serve every constituent, not only the ones that share your beliefs… and your god.

  • Buzz

    Actually, I’m afraid that the reason these things are done has less to do with religion than it does with tourism. Tourism is the single biggest income source for La Antigua and anything that promotes tourism is perceived as good for the local economy.

  • Kwallekno

    Helping the church along is a good thing as far as government policy, telling the governed which church or what religion they need to support is not good public policy. We only need to study a little European history to become an advocate of the state and the church keeping a healthy distance.

  • Angeltile

    it`s not for the church and not for the tourist, it´s just a ages old tradition from times in when church and goverment where more close. nowdays it´s just the city tradition. look around and see all hotels and restaurants dressed on purpura y blanco, it doesnt mean they just serve catolics, dont take things to the extreme!!