World Water Day Campaign in Antigua Guatemala

World Water Day Campaign in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Girón

Honest, I am very proud of our progressive little town, better known as La Antigua Guatemala. Take for instance the Día Internacional del Agua or World Water Day campaign that basically ask something direct and concise: Ducharse en vez de bañarse (Shower instead of bathing) to save water.

You can also follow the different campaigns elsewhere in the world by scanning the hash tag #worldwaterday in Twitter.

Here’s the water series I published before to clarify the water situation in Guatemala. As always, follow the white rabbit to the water series to see the photos and read the researched information.

  1. Who owns the water in Guatemala?
  2. Public Water Faucets Are Today’s Fountains
  3. Water Tanks and Colonial Style Social Networks
  4. Local Bottled Water Station Hunapu
  5. Abundant Water for Fountains Around Antigua
  6. The Venerable Colonial Pila is Now Used as Decoration
  7. Guatemalan Water Wells Wet Wealth

What kind water awareness campaigns did you see in your town today?

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  • Buzz

    While the suggestion to shower instead of bathing as a means of saving water is a fine idea, isn’t it really a non-issue in Guatemala? My experience has been somewhat limited, but on three trips I’ve never had access to a bath tub, only showers. I have seen bath tubs in homes marketed on some Guatemalan real estate sites, but the vast majority of homes seem to have showers.

    What would be a more significant method of saving water? How about repairing the water lines so that they don’t leak. Wouldn’t that save more water?

    • @Buzz, what it is implied with the “ducharse en vez de bañarse” is to have a quick showers instead of a long ones. But, you’re right, repairing the water lines where broken could also save water.

  • scott

    It’s weird to think of water scarcity, when 3 weeks ago we saw the Atitlan water level some 3 meters higher than we’ve ever seen it…the new-ish public waterfront park in Santiago Atitlan is now under water, as are some of the buildings by it. Sad to see.

    • @Scott, do you have photos of these new water levels at Lake Atitlán? Thanks for sharing.

      • scott

        I do indeed! I’ll email you some stills and links to videos. It’s pretty dramatic.

        • @Scott, I thought you had your photos on Flickr or some online service so other people can benefit from looking at them as well. Let me know either way.

          • scott

            We’ll have the public galleries up within a few days–a pool of my shots and many, many of Barry’s. It’s just taken a while to sort them all out….sigh. Not enough time!

  • Eric

    No water awareness campaign here, I’m afraid. We had rain, then snow on the first day of Spring, and are expecting more snow tonight. Como Atitlan en este momento, hay agua, agua en todas partes! I’m glad I live on the second floor! 🙁

    • @Eric, water doesn’t seem to be important until we have too much of it or not enough. Good luck with the snow. See you soon, because you’re coming for Semana Santa, right?

      • Eric

        As much as I would LOVE to be there for Semana Santa, I am also in the middle of a full course load at la universidad (trying to complete the degree I’ve been putting-off for far too long), so I’ll have to see semana Santa through the lenses of LAGDP again this year. Pero, por la Fiesta de Santiago….hmm….I will keep you posted!

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