Colorful Guatemalan Torrejas

Colorful Guatemalan Torrejas by Rudy Girón

The food served at fair stands is becoming more colorful. Not too long ago I showed you black pupusas at Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which are very unusual.

If you never seen a photo of the Guatemalan torrejas, follow the white rabbit to Torrejas, Torrejas, Anyone? to get an idea of how torrejas are normally served. Now, compare the photo from the link against today’s photo of torrejas and you will understand the above statement.

Okay, let’s take a sweet tour through the Guatemalan comfort fair foods. Please, make sure you have some napkins close by; we don’t want to have any salivating accidents over the computer equipment. 😉

What other dishes available at the fairs should I include in the Guatemalan comfort food list?

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  • Eric

    Okay, this is why I can’t recognize those ‘baroque niches’…I’m too busy eating! Just put one of each item on the list (maybe two or three rellenitos) and send them my way, please? I’ll try to think of others, but rellenitos son mis favoritos.

    • Yeah, rellenitos are very popular, many people prefer rellenitos.

  • Manolo

    Is this format of showing the posts new? I <3 it. Almost as much as I <3 torrejas… (tus orejas pues).

    • What do you mean by new format?

      • Manolo

        I swear it looked different when I clicked on the post title… now it is back to being the same… layer 8 error or weird browser glitch.

        • @Manolo, how different? Remember I also have a mobile version for iPhones and Android phones which is only shown if you browse through a mobile phone, but perhaps your browser didn’t identify itself correctly and you were shown the mobile version. It has happened before. Sorry!