The Mayor’s Seat

The Mayor's Seat by Rudy Girón

A few days ago several members of Club Fotográfico de Antigua (Antigua’s Photo Club) and I went to the Municipalidad (City Hall) to request support for our photo club. I was surprised that within 10 minutes from arriving at the Muni we were already talking to the Mayor himself. Furthermore, I was astonished that he was receptive to our request. At the end we found a better solution, but still, I was amazed.

I have never approached any mayors before so I don’t know if they are supposed to be so accessible. What’s you’re experience regarding talking to a mayor?

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  • Kwallekno

    Small town mayors tend to be regular people even if they get to sit on fancy seats-most like attention-any kind of attention.

  • Angeltile

    I`ve tryed once on guatemala city, they gave me apoinement for one month later, and when i got there, the apoinement was cancelled.

  • Maybe the Muni realised it was never going to get anywhere near ADP in page ranking so decided to do their utmost to lower their SEO?

    • @Nic, that’s so funny, but sadly it is true. They have taken giant steps backwards. 🙁