Quotidian Corner Life

Quotidian Corner Life by Rudy Girón

You don’t have to give your soul to the Devil as as Robert Johnson did at the crossroads to enjoy the quotidian corner life in La Antigua Guatemala. Just take your guitar, your camera or your sketch pad to capture the lonely and bored municipal transit police selling parking permits, the old man on the way to check on his milpa, the swift scooter driver doing mandados, et cetera. Corners are among my favorite places to take daily snapshots of La Antigua Guatemala since there’s so much going on at the crossroads.

What stories can you create based on the picture above?

© 2011 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • NYChapin

    The transit police is excited about the shipment he is expecting later that day. He is hoping to see the DHL truck that will deliver the new pair of high heels that he order online and wants to wear this weekend to a friend’s party. The old man is going to the bank to take out money for his daughter’s college application. She is going to study “letras y filosofia’ at the Universidad Landivar. The guy on the scooter “no sabe” that the child his girlfirend is carrying is not his. All that driving around in the streets of Antigua have left him sterile.

    • Luismollinedo

      I can’t stop laughing……..

      • @Luismollinedo, same here…

    • NYChapin

      I was going to write about one of them deciding to finally order a capuccino at one of those “lugares caros” but could not decide on who it would be….

  • Eric

    First, I have to wait until I stop laughing at NYChapin’s story…jejejeje!
    Then I have to sigh, think about the smell of ocote, tortillas, coffee and water evaporating in the morning sun…
    Let me book an airline ticket first. I’ll get back to you.

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