The Arches Inside Palacio de los Capitanes

The Arches Inside Palacio de los Capitanes by Rudy Girón

One of the benefits of having attended the Antigua Guatemala Brand launching event was to have unlimited access to the inside of the newly restored Palacio de los Capitanes building. Certainly you remember the recent pages which showed you the new look of the palace after the restoration works, right? If not check out New Illumination for Palacio de Los Capitanes and New Look of Palacio de Los Capitanes. You can also browse all the previous pages about Palacio de los Capitanes (Palace of the Captains) to see before and after photographs.

Today’s photo, however, is the first time I have shown the inside of Palacio de los Capitanes and the wonderful restoration work. Also, pay attention to the dramatic illumination that was installed as part of the restoration work. What do you think, do you like the restoration work so far?

Come back tomorrow if you want to learn the latest news regarding what will be the use for Palacio de los Capitanes building. Below I leave you with the background information regarding the restoration as previously published in AntiguaDailyPhoto.

After two and half years and Q16 millions/$2 millions spent in renovations Palacio de Los Capitanes has finally opened again. The new façade is painted with yellow and white paint. According to an article in Prensa Libre, CNPAG, the entity in charge of restoring and protecting La Antigua Guatemala, also removed 15 tons of extra weight. There is still a second restoration phase quoted at Q14 million more to be done.

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  • Eric

    The Palace looks awesome ! Much better than what I saw as I peeked through a sheet-metal barrier on my first visit years ago. Rudy, tell me this building will be used for something like a museum or an art gallery or something.
    p.s. – I just picked-up a copy of a Harvard University magazine, flipped through, and found an article by Kara Andrade! Haven’t read it yet, but the foto used, I think, is from one of your ‘technology is coming to Guatemala’ entries (I would know San Francisco el Grande anywhere). I had no idea I was in the presence of such superstars of international journalism! 😀

    • @Eric, thanks for letting me know about the Harvard University magazine, is there any chance you can bring me down a copy on your next trip. Are you coming for Semana Santa? 😉

      • Eric

        The copy of ‘Revista’ is yours. Desgraciadamente, no puedo asistir Semana Santa esta vez; possible la Fiesta de Santiago. I promise, this time, I will let you know when I arrive, even if it is only for a few days. I can hear the Mozas calling my name…

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