Charbroiled Hamburger and Patio Dining at La Esquina

Charbroiled Hamburger and Patio Dining at La Esquina by Rudy Girón

Arturo and I found a great place to have some of the best hamburgers in La Antigua Guatemala at La Esquina (The Corner). La Esquina is located on the corner, one block south from Parque Central. The hamburgers are huge and the meat is charbroiled. Furthermore, they have a large patio and awesome music playing all the time. I profiled La Esquina’s Oriental Chicken with Coconut Curry as part of the Antigua Cosmopolitan series last year; do you remember it?

What are you having for lunch today?

Arturo Godoy waiting for his lunch at La Esquina by Rudy Girón Charbroiled Hamburger and Patio Dining at La Esquina by Rudy Girón

© 2011 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • This is just unfair. It shouldn’t be allowed to view such photos around lunchtime. Looks DELICIOUS!

  • rworange

    That looks like a seriously good hamburger.

    On Sunday, La Esquina has an outdoor churrasco that includes baby back ribs, bbq chicken, longaniza, carne asada and chicken stuffed with longaniza. Plates include guacamole, salad and grilled onions.

    I haven’t had that, but I have had the special tasting menu by Guatemalan-born Chef Alvaro Perara, who honed his craft at Barcelona’s Hisop restaurant which continues to maintain a one-star Michelan rating as of 2011.

    This really blew me away, especially the price of 125 quetales for the three course meal That’s about $15 USD and a similar meal of similar top quality dishes in the US would run about $75.

    IMO, he re-invented Guatemalan cuisine and caputured its spirit. My flicker photostream of that meal.

    • @rworange, when do they have the tasting menu by chef Alvaro Perara (it isn’t Peralta)?

      • rworange

        The guest chef dinner is available Friday nights after 6pm. It seems for large groups it can be on request. I dropped in La Esquina in the afternoon. And a group had requested the meal for lunch. So I was offered the option of having it as well.

        I’ll have to check my flyer about the chef’s name. The chalkboard at the front of the restuarant listed it as Perera. The music schedule and other weekly events is on the chalkboard as well

        • rworange

          Sorry, I found out Chef Perera left this week and will be doing some traveling for the next few months. I’m glad I had the chance to sample his cooking. Anyway, he did some revisions to be menu before leaving and bbq is available daily at lunch.

  • We are just going to have to go again 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • @Arturo, we must do it again when you come back from the jungle.

  • Eric

    Another place I’ve walked past, several times, and just never visited. But it’s on the “places to visit” list now.
    Rudy, my plan is, I will be able to visit many of these restaurants on my next visit, as long as I make a daily hike up Cerro de la Cruz. Maybe two daily hikes, if I visit Hector’s restaurante, too. What do you think….good idea ?