Santiago Emblem Tiles


Sometimes you must be ready to look in all directions to find new vistas from La Antigua Guatemala. These Santiago (Saint James) tiles are a very good example. Unless one looks up at the end of Portal de Las Panaderas, right in front of Casa Gómez Ovalle (5a avenida norte and 4a calle poniente) one will never find out about these Santiago tiles.

This Saint James emblem would make a nice logo for its simplicity, clean lines and rustic hand-drawn style. Can you see a hotel or travel agency in La Antigua Guatemala with this logo?

© 2011 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    I think these tiles would look great in my castle…the castle I need to build, with Santiago tiles, Antigua-style chimneys, and a tile roof !
    Nice job “looking up” at the right moment, Rudy. Your description made me think of some of the painted walls over in las ruinas de San Francisco El Grande. With a little bit of neck stretching, you can see some amazing artwork.

    • @Eric, castillo? I can not think of Castillos without thinking of Mozas… do you know why?

      • Eric

        Oh no, a trick question, no doubt…is Moza brewed from a recipe for cerveza real ? Is there a clue on the label ? Or maybe you feel like the king of a castle after 3 or 4 Mozas ?
        I should not be reading LAGDP first thing in the morning. Need time to think… 😀

        • Eric

          Okay, now I’ve thought…hay un castillo en la etiqueta de Moza ? On the label for export Moza, there’s a drunken monk sipping beer with some goats. I rarely see this, though…los chapines que viven cerca de mi compran todo antes de que pueda llegar a la tienda.

          • The castillo on the label of Moza, Gallo and all the other Cervecería Centroamerica brands is the right answer. Now do you know why the Cervecería Centroamerica uses a castle as part of their logo?

          • Eric

            Not a clue. I will need a few Mozas before I can produce the answer.

          • luis

            It seems that Eric did not get enough Mozas to answer your question.
            Could the answer be that Cerveceria Centroamericana uses a castle as part of their logo because the owner’s last name is Castillo?

          • Yeah Luis, it looks like Eric did not have enough Mozas on his last trip. Gotta fix that!

          • Eric

            Just for the record…I NEVER have enough Mozas on any trip to Guatemala. I will try to correct this on the next trip, ja-ja-ja. Gracias por ayudarme en mi educacion !

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