Alto: Viraje Obligado

Alto: Viraje Obligado by Rudy Girón

Stop, left turn only. I believe this is a sign that tells me I must take a new direction. I will. What do you think it means?

Alto, viraje obligado me dictan las señales. Leo: debes tomar una nueva dirección. Lo haré. ¿Qué pensás vos que significa?

© 2011 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Shelley

    Okay, how about this meaning: Stop and get your car tuned up immediatelty. It’s obligatory. There is a mechanic right up here to the left. Just pull in.

  • Eric

    ….Para entrar el mundo de los fantasmas ? 😀

  • NYChapin

    Alto: Piensalo, el mundo no puede seguir asi !
    Dobla a la Izquierda: Unete y protesta !

    • Eric

      Pueblo…Unete ! Pue-blo, U-ne-te !! Fui yo, el domingo pasado.

  • Ivan Velasquez, M.D.

    It means you have to bring your car to a full stop (because traffic going right-to-left in the intersection have the right of way), then, when it’s safe, you must make a left turn.