Tortillas los tres tiempos

Tortillas los tres tiempos by Rudy Girón

In Guatemala we are lucky to still have vendors who provides us with fresh goods every day. Perhaps, it is the fact that the vast majority of Guatemalans don’t have a refrigerator that make us have fresh goods like fruits, vegetables, meats, et cetera every day of the year. Tortillas are not the exception. In fact, in most places we have fresh and hot tortillas out of the comal three times a day. Bread is baked at least twice a day.

Do you know when was your bread or tortillas made?

En Guatemala somos afortunados que aún encontramos vendedores que nos proveen de productos frescos todos los día. Tal vez el hecho que la gran mayoría de guatemaltecos no tienen un refrigerador es lo que aún nos permite encontrar frescas frutas, verduras, carne, etcétera. Las tortillas no son la excepción. Al contrario, en la mayoría de lugares podemos encontrar tortillas frescas y saliditas del comal tres veces al día. El pan es horneado por lo menos dos veces al día.

¿Sabés cuando prepararon el pan y tortillas en el refrigerador?

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  • Así es Guatemala, sin tantas vueltas. Y ahora antiguadailyphoto en español, excelente. En la foto solo faltaron las tortillas negritas, jejeje.

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  • Oakland Daily Photo

    Because of the large Latino community in Oakland, we too can get fresh tortillas. But I bet we have to travel much farther than you to find the right store.

  • Kwallekno

    If the place has a couple ladies pounding out fresh handmade tortillas over off to the side when I sit down at my table, I know the whole plate is going to be good. A foolproof tell if there ever was one.

  • Eric

    Pueeeeees….the bread in the fridge was made the morning I bought it by the lovely salvadorenas who run the bakery down the street. Some of the tortillas I get from the supermarket (when I’m making something like chilaquiles), but the fresh tortillas come from Restaurante Molina, a short subway ride away. They might not taste the same as the fresh tortillas negritas from the market in La Antigua, but the hands that make them son belliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisimas !
    Soy un hombre afortunado, no ? ;D

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