Umbrella Time Is Here

Umbrella Time Is Here by Rudy Girón

That’s right, it’s already May, which marks the commencement of the rainy season, thus the umbrella time. We haven’t seen the Sompopos de mayo yet, but they are not as punctual as they used to be. 😉 We’re a bit late as well since we should’ve made the rainy season announcement last week, like Hugo Muralles did in with a photo of a drenched flower still holding onto some rain drops.

Do you know what Sompopos are? If not read our Myths and Facts about the Guatemalan Sompopo and follow the white rabbit to all the photos and posts regarding Sompopos.

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  • rworange

    The first sompopo de Mayo showed up earlly on April 18th in Patulul and perched on my newspaper … picking a colorful page to do it.

    I still haven’t tasted one yet .. but I’m a lot more open to it after having this ants buzz me while I’m sleeping.

    Thanks again for all the great info an photos you’ve provided about sompopos.  

    • @rworange, wow, that’s pretty early for sompopos, but not unusual. Thanks for sharing your photo with us.

  • Eric

    It’s May already ?  But I have not finished with my “list of things to do” for February, yet.  I guess time, the tide, the rain and the sompopos wait for no man !  🙁 

    • @Eric, it looks like you will have to move to Guatemala if you ever want to ‘catch up’ with the things on your to-do list. 😉

  • Oakland Daily Photo

    Wonderful photo.  You remind us that we walk with beauty all around us.