Elotes asados

Elotes asados

It does not matter where you go in Guatemala, you are certain to find elotes asados (charbroiled corn on the cob).

This is what Laura McNamara shared with us on her post Craving Corn: Elote

It’s also fun to think about the tradition behind the Maya and their connection to corn as you get elote caught in your teeth. According to Popol Vuh —a sacred book that is casually referred to as the Mayan Bible— the first man and woman were made from corn. Thus, corn is a huge part of the Maya culture and diet.

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  • Abraham Lincoln

     It is probably very good to the taste too.

    • @b2cbe03adaca3b05d317ec8bc7467651:disqus yes, grilled corn tastes very good, especially with a lime juice and salt. 

  • Stephanie

     This, at least, is one of the food photos that don’t make me jealous as it’s a food we easily have here in western NY and that my husband is very good at cooking! 

    • @bc23cb5bd1985046df76164ada4956e0:disqus yes, maize has to be greatest contribution Mesoamerica made to the world. I am sure maize is probably found in all continents.

  • wayne smart

    That looks so damn tasty! What time is lunch again…?

  • Eric

    Mmmmm…I am sniffing my computer screen again.  Just ate breakfast, but this sure looks good!