Eternal Spring Guatemalan Colors

Eternal Spring Guatemalan Colors

As we have mentioned before, if you’re planning a visit to Guatemala, make sure you pack your sunglasses if you don’t want to be blinded by the rich saturated colors found everywhere in the land of the Eternal Spring. Especially so, if you plan to spend time in La Antigua Guatemala’s Central Park which is the main hub for people watching and a guaranteed spot to enjoy the best of Guatemala.

If you have spent time in Antigua’s main plaza (Parque Central), please, share with us your experiences!

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  • Lisa

    I just returned from my eighth visit to Antigua. On the last morning, I ran to El Portal for a liquado to go. I noticed the sunlight was shining directly on the fountain, so I sat on a bench to enjoy my last few minutes in Parque Central. I gave my last remaining Q To Juan Carlos, who brushed the dust off my shoes. Then I ran to catch the shuttle to the airport. It was a little easier to leave this time, knowing all these things will be there when I return.

    • Lisa, don’t worry we’ll LAG beautiful for you and for us and for everybody. You’re welcome to come as many times as you please and even stay if you choose so. 😉

  •  Beautiful picture, sometimes I forget how much color means to me!

    • I believe rich colors are an integral part of the Guatemalan identity and when Guatemalans live abroad, they miss it without being fully aware of it. I believe I will have to write a post to explain it better.

  •  …. I was in Antigua for Semana Santa this year and if I hadn’t already totally fallen in love with this beautiful country and it’s wonderful, caring, friendly and warmhearted people, I would have surely done so this time, cause more color than Semana Santa is hardly possible.  I try to convince all my co-workers and friends that Guatemala is THE perfect holiday place and that they should not listen to the bad travel advisories, cause they’re just not true. I’ve been to Guatemala several times now, always traveling alone as a woman with no troubles whatsoever and I don’t know any other country where I feel so welcomed. To me Guatemala IS color. The traje tipica and the huipiles are simply amazing and the most awesome place of all to me was San Juan Atitan. If you want color, you’ll get it there on the market day. Simply THE most beautiful trajes I’ve seen and you’re surrounded by bright purple and dark pink all around you. 
    I really do love this website and look at it every day. It gives me new ideas of photos to take on my  next visit ( Semana Santa next year is going to be a must :o) !!).  As for Parque Central I can only agree. It’s one of my favorite spots and I spent hours there in the afternoons after Spanish School just sitting there on the benches and simply talking with everyone who wants to chat – and you always find people to talk to because Guatemalans are just the most warm-hearted, welcoming and friendly people I know ( .. and I’ve seen many countries in my 40 years but Guatemala has become my absolute favorite !!)

    • Hi Jeannine, thanks for the awesome feedback. I am glad you like Guatemala and Guatemalans. Look me up next time you come to Guatemala.

  • Valentijn

    The first time I visited Guatemala (2 years ago now, I was 19 years old), I immediately fell in love with Antigua! Since then, I returned 3 times (all the way from The Netherlands) to spend a couple of weeks in this beautiful town! I spend my days walking around its lovely streets and sitting in the park, seeing what the fantastic life in Antigua is like. Sitting on a bench in the Parque Central, watching everyone passing by is one of the greatest experiences ever! Luckily, I just discovered this website, so I can catch a glimpse of Antigua every day :)!

    • Hi Valentijn, thanks for your feedback and kind words. You can enjoy the new daily updates as well as browse over five years of multimedia archives at All the Archives enjoy!