Guatemalan Police Patrol Trucks

Guatemalan Police Patrol Trucks by a Rudy Girón

Police patrol trucks, really? I am sure that’s a normal question asked when people are told that all police patrol units in Guatemala are actually trucks; well most of them for sure. I believe police trucks are used in Mexico and Central America, but I am not sure if they use trucks anywhere else as police patrol vehicles.

Have you seen police trucks in other countries outside of Central America and Mexico?

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  • Eric

    We have a few of them up here in the corner pocket, but they are typically used to transport Canine Units, or special equipment.  With the “economic crisis” taking a bite out of the municipal budget, I have begun to see hybrid patrol cars recently.  Oh, and the Fire Chief now drives a compact hybrid, not a gas-guzzling sedan.
    Patrol trucks help to keep that “mas macho” image rolling in Guatemala, don’t they ?   😀