Voters Registration Booth

Voters Registration Booth by Rudy Girón

This is an election year in Guatemala and the Tribunal Supremo Electoral (TSE) is rushing to get all potential voters registered and updated. This election year there will be an overlap on the national identification documents that will be allowed to use: The old, retired cédula and the spanking brand-new DPI (Documento Persona de Identificación). The booth above is located right in front of the Municipalidad (City Hall).

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  • Yeap, I’ve got to hurry and update my info… I’m still registered to vote in Petén, so I’ve got to now update it to my new home 🙂

    • I am sure @twitter-69720889:disqus  will still be in Petén by election time. 😉

  • You voted in Petén Arturo? I thought you ruled Petén! 🙂

    • Rey maya decís @twitter-80216981:disqus Yes @twitter-69720889:disqus is living like a Mayan King in Petén for sure.

  • Santiago

    If I have a DPI as a permanent resident does that mean I can vote in all electiions…muni, dept, and national?

    • I believe you have to be a citizen of Guatemala to vote, the same as anywhere else @970561fc7b05be24e3ae3b90162a5e7e:disqus