Fotoimagen rótulo by Rudy Girón

Since my handle in the English language is not so good, I would like to request for you guys to help me understand what’s the difference between a photograph and an image? I’ll welcome all the answers and suggestions.


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  • Spam

    I’d say that image is the more general word while photograph is more specific, only referring to images created by a certain process (using light). An image could be a sculpture, a painting, a computer-generated picture or even a reflection in the mirror.
    Also I guess that image in its most general meaning always resembles something or someone while picture doesn’t necessarily. However, both words seem to be used with different meanings, so maybe the distinction is not so clear…

  • PaulD

    An image isn’t necessarily a photo….

  • Melissa Rodriguez

    A photograph is taken with a camera.  An image is more general and it can be any type of picture.  The word image can also be used differently in that we talk about our “image” which means how people see us.  

  • Fringearte

    Well, an image can be anything in representing something or someone –
    so an image could be made of photo image, graphic design/print image, a
    painting is a form of image – even a shadow or pencil drawing…etc.

    …and that sign in myopinion is a playful use – a ‘play’ on the words photo, image and imagine/imagination.   🙂

  • Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. It sure makes these concept crystal clear. 😉

  • Lionheartwright

    The image is the physical likeness of the person or thing you were looking at.  The photo is the thing used to capture and hold the image.