An Old Volvo for An Old Town

An Old Volvo for An Old Town

It is amazing how many classic cars one can find in La Antigua Guatemala. Just follow the white rabbit to see some of the classic cars that have be shown in AntiguaDailyPhoto.

By the way, I grew up with the Holywood notion that Volvos are safe and ugly square boxes owned by mothers or teachers who are over zealot about safety, so please explained to me the smooth lines of the Volvo above or the sporty design and good looks of the white Volvo in Even Volvos Look Great in Antigua Guatemala? What ever happened to Volvo? I want answers, I can handle the truth!

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  • LunaMcCarthy

    Beautiful car, beautiful shot!!

    • I can see Luna driving one these classic Volvos in Xela. How’s the parking situation in Quetzaltenango?

  • El Canche

    Hi Rudy,
    Your view of Volvos is shared over here in England, but it is changing as the image of these cars improves. Here is a picture of a new Volvo C30, the same as the one I drive over here in the UK….it is perhaps the modern equivalent of your posted “white Volvo”. The Volvo company has been bought by the Chinese now, so what might we expect in the future?

    • Wow, that’s a nice-looking Volvo, Canche. Although I still prefer the white Volvo from my post. Someone mention that the white Volvo is what “The Saint” drove in the 60s; what do you about that?

      Canche, what are you doing in the UK?

      • El Canche

        Hi Rudy,

        Yes the white Volvo from your pages was indeed the one driven by Roger Moore, who was the original actor in the series “The Saint” (I used to love that as a youngster!). I think I have to agree with you that your white Volvo has more panache than mine…you also have to consider the impact of that original design at the time!

        As to what am I doing in the UK?…..I’m missing LAG! My wife and I married in La Antigua Guatemala in December 1983 and have always wanted a colonial home there. My wife is originally from Xela, but we met in Guate back in the day. I lived and worked in Guate from ’79 to ’84 and have frequently returned keeping contact with family and friends. I check into your site at least once every day without fail….it keeps my dreams alive!

        Hugo (El Canche)

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