Pearls and Pans

Window Conceptual Art by Rudy Girón

I can almost think of the image above as window conceptual art. The combination of the pearls, the manikins, and the pan with a little spot light in the corner; everything behind bars on a public space stirs something in me which I am sure none of the elements do otherwise. A ‘je ne sais qoui’ impression.

Je ne sais quoi, yo no sé que in Spanish, it’s the expression use to describe something the moves you in special way without knowing exactly how or why. That’s the feeling I get from the photo above; some I-don’t-know-what sensation.

How about you?

© 2011 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • rworange

    I hope I don’t ruin the mood by removing the mystery, but Las Canchas, where you took that photo, is a combination business like so many in Antigua.

    In addtion to a jewlery counter specializing in pearls there is a pretty bistro in back serving some creative cuisine. Of course, oysters Rockefeller is on the menu.

    I only stopped by for a drink and to check out the menu. It was one of those places I wanted to return but ran out of time.

    They also sell the excellent Sabores de Antigua marmelades. I can personally vouch for the wonderful pineapple with pepino and a touch of Cobenero peppers.

    Here’s my usual bad photos of the menu and restuarant

    I’m going to use one of your questions. There are many places with multiple businesses, usually combined with a travel agency. Sabe Rico is a combo restaurant art gallery.

    How many jewelry shops have attached restaurants … or is Cargo Room the only other one?

    As to the mood for your photo maybe it has to do with this … women jailed in a world where they are lavised with jewelry and praised for beauty while still being expected to cook and clean the house. As my stepson said, maids.

    But perhaps I’m reading too much into it.

  • Erick!

    Oye Rudy, como que hasta los manikins tenian frio ese dia…  =P

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