Catholic Decorations: Arcángel San Miguel

Catholic Decorations: Arcángel San Miguel by Rudy Girón

For some reason, Arcángel San Miguel is quite popular in Guatemala.
Around Antigua Guatemala there at least two communities that carry San Miguel as part of their name. Do you know why San Michael is so popular as a patron saint for so many towns?

These are some of the names of villages, towns and communities around Antigua Guatemala: San Juan, San Miguel, San Critóbal, San Bartolo, San Felipe and of course San Pedro, which by the way is celebrating its patron saint today. Read the aside below for more information.

Ephemerides Aside: San Pedro Las Huertas celebrates its patron saint on June 26. You can follow the white rabbit through all the posts about the Guatemalan Fair to see how the people of San Pedro Las Huertas celebrate their patron saint.

© 2011 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Andrea


    Where did you find this sculpture? No matter where you go, it is very difficult to find a sculpture of San Miguel without the sculpture of the devil . Would appreciate the location.

    • Andrea, all saint figures in this series were found at Las Palmas restaurant on 6a avenida norte between 4a & 5a calles.

  • dbuzzingham

    Don’t forget the statue of Santo Hermano Pedro in McDonald’s. It’s the only McDonald’s I know with its own patron saint!

    • dbuzzingham, actually I didn’t know about the Santo Hermano Pedro statue inside McDonald’s. Thanks for the heads up, I think I will do an entry about that. 

  • El Canche

    Looks like he’s about to kick off into a dance routine…..merengue perhaps?

    • El Canche, yes, it’s an interesting posture. Well his sword is missing from his right hand and I am sure with it, the feeling would be different.