Guatemalan Slang: Shuco and Chapin

Shucko Shapin Hot Dog Cart by Rudy Girón

Double hit today for the Guatemalan Slang category.

Shuco(a) is the Guatemalan slang for dirty. Shuco is also used for Guatemalan hot dog. The Guatemalan shuco hot dog comes with guacamol (avocado sauce), boiled cabbage, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, mustard, hot sauce, and one or more of the following: chorizo (Guatemalan red sausage), longaniza (Guatemalan white sausage), salchicha (normal hot dog sausage), ham, bacon, pepperoni, german ham and sausages, chichen breast, beef steak fajitas, polish sausages, et-cetera.

Chapin(a) is the self-imposed gentilic noun and adjective equivalent to Guatemalan. Although the official gentile in Spanish for Guatemalan is guatemalteco, very often Guatemalans use the word chapin instead.

So a shuco chapin would be a Guatemalan hot dog. The brand shuckoshapin is playing with the phonetic spelling of the words.

© 2011 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    Love the slang series, Rudy.  Nice to read while I’m waiting for los fantasmas…
    I love shucos…ate my wieght in them on my last trip!
    Also, would it be correct to say of my very atrtractive guatemalan lady friend <> ?  I should probably check with you first, before I say something I may regret.  😀

    • Eric, don’t wait standing for the fantasmas… it looks like they are not showing anytime soon. I guess you have to be a believer.

    • Eric, don’t wait standing for the fantasmas… it looks like they are not showing anytime soon. I guess you have to be a believer.

      • Eric

        Maybe los fantasmas are still working-out their union contract with the city ?  You know, “One appearance nightly, must be scary but not too frightening”, etc.   Je-je-je !

  • Here in the States hot dogs that are sold by vendors from carts are called ‘dirty water dogs’. Legend goes that the more the water is used over and over the better the hot dogs taste.

    • JillAmerican, never heard that expression before. That’s good to know and I am sure it is the same in Guate.

  • Nitidachica

    Love this new series – and the blog itself!

    One summer in Guate my friend taught me the word “nitida!” He explained that it was old scool slang but we used it all summer and found ourselves to be quite funny.

    Also, this gringa has a secret longing to spend enough time in Guate to be considered an honorary chapina. We shall see how things turn out!

    • Nitidachica, thanks for submitting the word Nitida… I will use for the series. I am glad you like the Guatemalan slang series.

  • rworange

    Although I have many friends that proudly use the word “chapin”, a teacher I know from Escuintla said it had a negative connetation, close to the “N” word in America. Is there truth to this? As a result, I’ve stopped using it.

    • Hitfsjd


    • Ely

      no, the teacher was probably a hispanic snob.

  • Ely

    i thought “shuco” because of all the garbage they put on them.