Business In A Basket

Buying Guatemalan Tamales by Rudy Girón

The basket business could easily be another series about the ambulant food vendors who make a living selling all kinds food from a canasta (basket). These canastas can be used to carry and/or sell all sorts of things like tortillas, atoles (thick drinks), panes (bread), dobladas, tostadas, beef stews, fruits and vegetables, flowers, or tamales like in the picture above.

What other things have you seen in these baskets?

© 2011 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    Chickens, puppies, the occasional small turkey, ducks…all you need is a little bit of netting over the top.  Wish I’d have thought of this when my parents had their little farm, years ago !

  • Hasta niños he visto yo en estas canastas, pero no a la venta… wuajaja y gallinas o pollos -vivos- cuando los venden en los mercados.

  • Cristina

    You guys need to visit the market at San Francisco El Alto.  There´s stuff sold there that doesn´t even fit into any kind of basket. 

    • @Cristina No resulta difícil de creer.  Hay que verlo, eso sí.