Second floor or Mezzanine

Second floor or Mezzanine by Rudy Girón

As I mentioned before in Casa Antigüeña: The Attic, the building codes in La Antigua Guatemala prohibit new construction of two-story houses (wink, wink). They say nothing of really high ceilings in single story homes.

So what would you call this space, single story with really high ceiling, a mezzanine, an attic or simply a second floor?

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  • pattie

    I think I’d probably call it a “loft”.

    • So loft it is then. 😉

  • Stephanie

    What is the reason for the ban on two-story buildings?

    • I believe it has to do with the fact that Antigua Guatemala is protected by law and it has been declared patrimony of humanity. Because of these things and that fact that most houses were not two-story buildings in colonial times. 

  • Stephanie

    I agree that I would use the word “loft” for this type of space.