Concrete Bench

Concrete Bench by Rudy Girón

Do all local governments tag or label every public work they execute? I ask because this is something I never noticed before coming back to Guatemala, but here every bench, post, park, bridge, et cetera is tagged or labeled with a sign, or like in this case, the label is built into the bench itself.

How is done in the city where you live?

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  • Eric

    Je-je-je, in my community, any public bench would be recycled plastic (imported from China), or a cheap painted metal version which would soon be covered in graffiti, or destroyed by ‘bored’ local delinquents.  I kind of wish we had benches like these.  Compared to ours, the bench pictured is a work of art !

    • Well Eric, you have to remember that in Antigua Guatemala we build things to last a little longer………….

  • Erick!

    From that angle, it would seem as if that was gigantic bench or a really small man walking by.  Pretty cool!

    • Erick, that’s the idea, to bring you every day mundane images presented in a refreshing perspective.

  • Buzz

    At least you can understand why they would label it as a city project. Over on 1a Avenida Norte, I noticed that one of the street poles (on the corner) had “Coca Cola” molded into the concrete base. Now, I would really like to know the story about that.

    • Buzz, I believe Coca Cola sponsored those colonial style poles. But, I will investigate and bring you the results of my findings.

  • Begonia