Guatemalan Cuisine: Carne adobada

Guatemalan Cuisine: Carne adobada by Rudy Girón

I can’t believe it has taken me over 5 years to share with you a plate of carne adobada. Shame on me. Although, I believe I’ve shown carne adobada before with other meats at a charbroiler.

Carne adobada is basically adobo marinated pork loin. The adobo marinate includes achiote, garlic, oregano, thyme, a little bit of vinegar, and pepper as shared with us by Joanne a while back. I am sure there other ingredients that can be included in the adobo marinate, but I don’t know what they are.

Can anybody share a adobo marinate recipe with the rest of us?

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  • Cristina

    I don´t know any recipes, but I do know that carne adobada is not the real thing if it doesn´t have naranja agria. 

  • Erick!

    What are those little white cubes next to the rice?  It’s not potatoes, is it?  By the way, carne adobada is finger-licking delicious.

    • Those are pepinos; it’s a cucumber salad.

  • Eli Orozco

    Showing this food to us Guatemalans whom are 3,000 miles away is PURE EVIL!
    Specially here in the USA, because all the ingredients have no flavor and are full of chemicals.


  • Oakland Daily Photo

    OMG does it look delicious.

  • sjbj

    recipe, please! would love to try to duplicate this….

  • I am drooling by just looking at the pic! I haven’t found any authentic Guatemalan cuisine in NYC yet. The closest thing I can get is Pollo Campero…LOL  Don’t get me wrong! I love their grilled chicken, yuca fries, Maranon & Tamarindo. Just not sure how authentic they are, ’cause I never experience the real thing 🙁

    • Cristina

      What!  Yuca fries?  Marañon and tamarindo?  All those are NOT available in Pollo Campero in Guatemala.  Grilled chicken is not their specialty either.  Hmmm, makes you wonder what globalization does.  It´s a shame there isn´t a Guatemalan restaurant in NYC!  There sure are plenty of Guatemalans there to cater to.

      • D’OH!!!! I thought at least some of their foods or drinks were authentic. Or well, I guess I can skip their fried chicken…LOL

        I think everything has its good sides and bad sides, even globalization. It does bring everyone around the world closer in some degree, but it also alters each originality too, plus it has so many more issues to it… I can’t say it is good or bad yet.

        Well my mission of searching an authentic Guatemalan Restaurant in NYC continues…haha! (Will share if I can find one.)

        • Ms3_v1

          Fresco de Maranon and Tamarindo are authentic. I  drank plenty of that as a kid in Guatemala. 

  • Adittyzacarias

    What style of potato salad is the one next to the carne? Please answer and explain the ingredients of the potato salad if you can, thank you!

    • Actually, I believe that’s a cucumber salad, not a potato salad.