Stone Wall at El Hato

Stone Wall at El Hato

This kind of stoned wall is found through out Guatemala, especially, in the highlands. The purpose of this kind walls is to prevent landslides, deslaves in Spanish, or rather to prevent the landslides from damaging the roads and ridges. Of course, trees are the best defense agains landslides and campaigns against deforestation are the best prevention.

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  • Santiago

    Have seen in some parts of the road to Chichi. Hopefully the govt will construct many more of these in many more sections of roadways yearly affected by landslides in the same locations. The “waterfall” part of the road from Solola to Pana for example…again, this year collapsed. WTF?

    • Cristina

      And collapsed several times just this rainy season.  Plus the other road to Pana, through Cerro Lec has been shut down because of how dangerous it is. 
      When are we ever going to be able to have safe roads?

      • I was asking sort of the same question yesterday when I saw a camioneta spitting huge amounts of diesel contamination and it looked like it belong at a junk yard and not on the streets, ¿cuándo mejorará nuestra Guatemala?

    • Who knows really. They have been fixing the CA-1 for over ten years and it is still a deplorable conditions. 🙁

  • MO

    Nature does what nature does best.

    • Do you think so?