Plazuela La Candelaria

Plazuela La Candelaria

This plaza located in colonial La Candelaria, on the road that takes you to Cerro de la Cruz is the most recent park that I am aware of. To be honest, I am not sure if there was a plaza here before and it was just renovated or if it’s a brand new park.

Does anybody know?

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  • Buzz

    Just about a block south of this park is a short street that does not go through. Near the end of it are more of these statues in another small park.

    Were these put in place about the same time as the Minerva Temple in Xela and Huehue?

    • Buzz, I am wondering myself these same questions. I will have to investigate among that people who know best. Stay tune for a follow up with the answers. 😉

  • Aldo Bonilla

    I do… its political campaign… as Guatemala City… but anyway, just enjoy it! 

    • Well, according to my friend Nelo, a true panza verde, this little plaza has existed as such for a long time. In fact, he believes it is the neighbors who take care of the park. So, in this particular case, it is not part of a political campaign.

  • Eli Orozco

    Are those Roman Statues, perhaps to celebrate our great
    Roman heritage?

    Exquisite art by the way!

    • Yes they are Roman-looking statues. I wish I knew more about them. Well, I guess that’s a good excuse to investigate. 😉

      • Duendemaya

        @rudygiron:disqus  The statues were part of El Parque Central originally, and during the previous to the last renovation, probably in the late 60’s, after La Candelaria was built, they were moved to La Colonia, they got split, some are on this park and the others are in the one right across Las Ruinas.  Let’s meet next time I’m down there for more answers…
        @google-99ac4dcf980733744e9b60f53d883949:disqus , I lived there back in the 70s, to be exact, right in front of this little park, and sure enough, it wasn’t as pretty as it is now, but the park has been there since I have my first memory arriving to Antigua.

        • Okay, if you let me know you’re coming, it will be my pleasure to meet with you again and have some ceviches on me.