Mayan Ceramic Replicas

Mayan Ceramic Replicas

These Mayan ceramic replicas can be had for about Q150/$20, but DO NOT try to take them out of the country because you might run into trouble. It turns out now there’s a law that forbids taking handicrafts and replicas out of the country without first having the Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes certify that the piece or pieces do not belong the cultural patrimony of Guatemala. Click the thumbnail to see the actual steps one must take to get this certification. 🙁

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  • Eric

    Rudy, even with the paperwork involved, these were beautiful replicas.  Unfortunately, I was busy tasting samples at the chocolate tables nearby, and forgot to get a business card from these people.  Would you happen to know if they have a shop in La Antigua, just in case I find some room in the backpack on a future visit ?  That’s probably not likely, but…one never knows…

  • NYChapin

     a pues que buena onda… que el gobierno este velando por proteger el patrimonio cultural… Pero no puedo resistir sugerirles un slogan para una posible campaña publicitaria:
    ” Diga no al robo, al gobierno no le gusta la competencia”