Guatemala’s Independence Decorations

Guatemala's Independence Decorations

In September Guatemalans celebrate its Independence Day on the 15th, but through out the month you can find Independence celebrations and decorations. Independence bunting is often found in doorways, windows, balconies, etc. This white building in the Main Plaza is a popular spot for placing Guatemalan flags in the balconies.

Do you know what the official blue color is supposed to be used for making Guatemalan flags? Do a search in the archives for the correct answer.

The first correct answer will win the flag shown in Libre al viento tur hermosa bandera… as a post card mailed from Antigua Guatemala. Good luck to all contestants!

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  • If I remember correctly, the blue stripes represent Atlantic Ocean & Pacific Ocean, and the white stripe represent the sky. Hope I get it right 🙂

    • Sorry Vincent, that’s the right answer. Read Manolo’s comment below to see the correct answer.

  • Celestial Blue?

    • Celestial blue is close but not correct yet. We’re looking for this official color code ISCC-NBS 177.

  • Eric

    Running out the door to class, no time for the archives.  But I do have my jersey from the Guate. Seleccion Nacional ready for next week, and a fridge full of Gallo (Famosa, up here).  Just doing my part for patriotism…  😀

    • Eric, you always crack me up. Keep it up. Have you gotten your other post card yet?

      • Eric

        Still waiting for the postcard, pero tengo la fe, estara aqui pronto.  I sent you something via the U.S. Postal Service, which claims that it arrived in Miami on 2 septiembre.  Let’s see if it finds its way to La Antigua ( I always do ).

    • can I haz my pos-kar?
      those flags look purple… is it Easter already?

    • Manolo, I guess you went looking for your old answer and found it. Manolo is the winner of this contest. Thanks everyone for participating.

  • ah, and I have to update my address. ok. 😉

  • Nitidachica
    • Nitidachica, you’re answer is correct, but Manolo beat you to it. I will send you a post card anyway. I will contact you to get your mailing address. Thanks for participating.

  • Zowatts

    Hey that manolo wins everything – lucky pup!

    • MO

      Must be the new and improved Manolo v16.1.3 with G5 compatabilities.