Guatemalan Flags

Guatemalan Flags

Okay, so we agreed that the official blue color of the Guatemalan flag should brilliant blue or celestial blue code ISCC-NBS 177 according to Decreto 104-97 [PDF] and as noted for a second or third time in the archives of AntiguaDailyPhoto.

However, I’d say that the shade of blue really depends on what the flag men are selling and if they carry all shades of blue, then whatever you like. If you look at all the recent photos with flags in them and you’ll realize that none of the blue shades match.

As always, in Guatemala we have the laws and and what everybody does. 🙁

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  • NYChapin

    I’m with you Rudy…. Wathever I like !! 
    I like to think that the different shades of blue represent the palette of guatemalan colors. Personally I like the deep blue because it’s similar to the waters of lake atitlan. The light one reminds of the sky of one distant afternoon where I had a conversation about life with my grandmother, while she was hanging the clothes to dry. The wind was blowing the sabanas blancas and it went a little like this: ” mijo, cuando seas grande lo vas a  entender”. I think I do now. 

  • Eric

    I think everyone tries their best, Rudy.  Quizas los chapines tienen el mismo problema que los notreamericanos tienen…todas las banderas son ‘hecho en China’ ?  I’d love to find an American flag made in U.S.A., or a Guatemalan flag hecho en Guate.  Alguien sabe si existe o no …..?