Them Belgians

One of many rainy days in Antigua Guatemala by Arturo Godoy

There is a lot of activity around Parque Central even when it’s raining. If you pay attention while having a cup of coffee at Café Barista you can even spot a Belgian car on the street or other unexpected things. This was interesting, as it is every once in a while when unexpected things show up while reviewing your photos. I only noticed the Belgians after going over the photographs, but does anybody know these Belgians?

© 2011, Arturo Godoy. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    No, I don’t know the Belgians, Arturo, but I do enjoy seeing the pride displayed by people from outside Guatemala when they visit (or move to)La Antigua.  It took me a moment to spot the Belgian vehicle.  Usually I notice people with the ever-present t-shirts that have ‘GERMANY’ or ‘USA’ or ‘NETHERLANDS’ on them.  And then I return to talking with la bella chapina behind the bar at the coffee house.   ;D

  • 😀