Panorama Commercial Center

Panorama Commercial Center

Real estate development is moving so fast that it seems that every time I blink there’s a new colonia (neighborhood), house, building or even entire commercial centers like the one pictured above. Panorama is short for San Pedro El Panorama, a village about 2 km from Antigua Guatemala on the road to Ciudad Vieja.

How many Antigua Guatemala villages have you visited?

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  • Me gusta, se ve diferente, no parecen cajas como en aquella ciudad que te conté xD

  • Isi2isi

    We are not s gresat fan of that garage nor the eventual leveling of the finka accross the street in  the name of development.Many of us feel taht Antigua needs a green belt.

  • Eric

    The villages are on my list for next visit.  I did walk into Jocotenango for la feria, so I can say “1” for the number of villages I’ve visited.  A guide in las ruinas Santa Clara offered to take me on a guided tour of three surrounding villages for “only” $125.00 U.S., but I had to say “no, gracias.”  Next visit, I’ll be reviewing the posts about villages from LAGDP, and hopping on a bus or two, thanks.

  • jhansen

    Great expresso shop and Isreali burger place in this little strip mall.  A regular stop for us last time we where in the area. 

    • Yes indeed JHansen, as a matter a fact, I had a burger from this place on the weekend, simply delicious.