Sushi Bars in Antigua Guatemala

Sushi Mix

You may or may not know this: Guatemala is divided politically in Departamentos which are the equivalent of States or Provinces in other parts of the world. La Antigua Guatemala is the capital for the Departamento de Sacatepéquez. I share this fact with you so you can have an idea of the relevance of La Antigua Guatemala.

Nevertheless, I still consider La Antigua Guatemala no more than an enchanting little town with a 10×10-block grid. So small, in fact, that if it wasn’t for the fact that La Antigua Guatemala also happens to be the tourism capital for Central America it wouldn’t as cosmopolitan as it actually is. Take a culinary tour through some of the cosmopolitan gastronomic options available in La Antigua Guatemala.

Sushi, for instance, happens to be very popular. I know of three or four sushi bars in La Antigua Guatemala. The sushi bars that I know by name are Akai Sushi, Nokiate and Ubi’s Sushi; this last one being my favorite one and where I took the photo above. Also, I consider the sushi bars in Antigua Guatemala to be much more authentic than the sushi restaurants found in Guatemala City.

What other cosmopolitan gastronomic option available in Antigua Guatemala do you think I should visit and profile?

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  • El Canche

    I tell you what Rudy; you certainly know how to take brilliant food pictures! That sushi picture is superlative…I find myself sinking my teeth into my computer screen with wasabi paste and light soy sauce at the ready! You’re a genius!

    • Canche, I am glad you like it; just be careful with the computer equipment. 😉

  • Eric

    Good question, Rudy, since I believe you’ve covered quite a bit of gastronomic variety over the past few years.  Thanks to you, I spent a lunch marvelling at the delicious food of Epicure, I’ve been to Dona Luisa’s so many times, they know me by name, Hector’s is always on my list…
    What about the German/Austrian cuisine?  I know you’ve had a foto or two of the sausages, but I’ll bet there’s many more options.  I walked past quite a few German restaurants on my way back from Jocotenango, but I didn’t have a chance to stop in.  Just a thought since, as I said, you’ve covered quite a few types of cuisine in the past…and your fotos always make me hungry.

    • Eric, you’re right, there are a couple of German/Austrian restaurants in La Antigua Guatemala and what better excuse than to I have to profile them for ADP. 😉