Some days the dragon wins…

Some days the dragon wins...

… as seen at Héctor’s restaurant, which by the way turned 4 years old this week. Congratulations Héctor for this extraordinary achievement and for four years of wonderful, delicious cuisine. Hey Héctor, don’t you think it’s about time you name your restaurant or should we continue calling it Dónde Héctor or El Sin Nombre? 😉

These are some of the gourmet dishes from Héctor’s that I have highlighted before in AntiguaDailyPhoto.

Tomatoes, Basil and CheeseCarpaccio at Hector's restaurant in Antigua GuatemalaDelicious Quiche from Hector'sRoasted tomatoes and GrapesOnly in LAG: Drying Dinner

Needless to say Héctor’s restaurant is one of my favorite dining spots in La Antigua Guatemala. Here’s Héctor’s business card for those wondering where is the restaurant located:

Hector's Restaurant Map and Card

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  • oh this phrase really touches me… I did ask Dr. Google, but haven’t really find its origin or original meaning. Personally it talks about my demons… my own internal dragon… I should just stop fighting it and form some unholy alliance.
    btw happy anniversary Hector’s!!!! Good food. Good memories. Maybe it was the company. 😀

    • I knew more people would be touched by this phrase… I am glad Héctor shared it with us. 😉

  • Eric

    Somedays the dragon wins, eh ?  I have a similar phrase : “Siempre gano; a veces, necesito unos dias…”  je-je-je
    Felicitaciones, Hector.  I think the lack of signs and flagrant publicity for your restaurant is one of its most endearing qualities.  We can’t have everything in La Antigua be so obvious, right?  What would Rudy do for a website if that were true?  😀